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Digital Marketing and digital marketing solutions based on building awareness for native English entrepreneurs and businesses. Those that provide key services and/or world-changing original products. The next Windows, Apple or Ford needing their breakout. Or just the local business wanting national exposure or even improving their local awareness. The non-profit that has a cause the world needs to know about. The local farmers market encouraging foot traffic. The local high school fundraising event…..They all benefit from good Digital marketing.
I provide great communication and offer affordable, simpler solutions than many marketers who overthink what is essentially a fairly simple process. That overthinking usually entails a complex strategy they claim to have spent days and weeks developing just for you. Well maybe they did, but most likely it is a template that may not even be their original idea. They will offer a price often in the thousands.
I work by the hour and can usually figure out what you need and have an ad running in under 5 hours. 5X14= well, not much for paid advertising. Which is best if you have no or few followers. I work to keep per click pricing below .20 ideally I want .05 if possible. Organic SMM takes a little more finesse, but same $14/hour rate.

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